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Table of Contents

All articles and interviews by Tracy Baim unless noted with an author byline.

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Part One: The Early Years, 1996-2006

Chapter One

The Beginning: Obama in the Illinois Senate

Chapter Two

The 2004 U.S. Senate Campaign

Chapter Three

Serving in the U.S. Senate

Part Two: The Run for President, 2007-2008

Chapter One

Presidential Campaign Kickoff

Chapter Two

Obama vs. Clinton: Battle for the Gays

Sidebar: Los Angeles Fundraising, by Karen Ocamb

Sidebar: Logo/HRC TV debate, by Chuck Colbert

Chapter Three

The Presidential Primary Season

Chapter Four

Preparing for the Conventions

Chapter Five

The Democratic National Convention in Denver

Mixed Messages: The Convention in Denver, by Lisa Keen

Chapter Six

The Republican National Convention

Chapter Seven

The General Election of 2008

Chapter Eight

The Joy of Victory for Obama, Defeat for Gays on Prop 8

Chapter Nine

When History Collides: The Election of Barack Obama

and the Passage of Prop 8, by Karen Ocamb

Illustrations and Photos

Part Three: The Presidency

Chapter One

Transition and Inauguration: Controversy and Inclusion

Chapter Two

Gays in the House: Appointments and Committees

Chapter Three

Federal Benefits and ENDA

Chapter Four

Foreign Exchanges: United Nations, Rights Abuse,

AIDS, Uganda, and Immigration

Chapter Five

Speaking to the Community, Community Speaking Out,

Human Rights Campaign Speech, March on Washington

Chapter Six

The Hate-Crimes Law Passes, by Micki Leventhal

Chapter Seven

Washington, D.C.: Independent Spirit,

Marriage and Partner Rights

Chapter Eight

Healthcare, Families, Seniors, and Youth

Chapter Nine

AIDS and HIV: Progress and Proposals

The Obama Record on AIDS and HIV, by Bob Roehr

Chapter Ten

Inclusion, Pride, and Prejudice: Social Events, Proclamations,

Census, Faith, and More

Chapter Eleven

Courts: Legal Issues, Judicial Appointments

Obama's Supreme Court Appointments, by Lisa Keen

Chapter Twelve

Asking and Telling: When Will DADT End? by Chuck Colbert

Chapter Thirteen

The Gay Media and Obama: Better Than Bush,

A Little Better Than Clinton, by Chuck Colbert

Chapter Fourteen

Final Frontier, New Activism:

The New Post-Prop 8 Grassroots, by Karen Ocamb

Part Four


Chapter One

Wayne Besen: The Rose-Colored Glasses Are Off

Chapter Two

Sean Cahill: A Burst of Progress on HIV Policy

Chapter Three

John D'Emilio: Don't Expect Him to Set You Free

Chapter Four

Kerry Eleveld: Gays Take a Central Role

in a Presidential Campaign

Chapter Five

Lisa Keen: By the Numbers-Analysis of the 2008 Gay Vote

Chapter Six

Rod McCullom: From the 'Fierce Urgency of Now'

to the Fierce Urgency of 'Whenever'

Chapter Seven

The Reverend Irene Monroe: Obama's Homophobic Ministers

Chapter Eight

Michelangelo Signorile: To Dems: Work for the Money

Chapter Nine

Pam Spaulding: LGBTs, Race, Class, and the Age of Obama

Chapter Ten

Timothy Stewart-Winter: Barack Obama, Gay Marriage,

and Chicago Politics: A Brief History

Chapter Eleven

Andrew Tobias: Accomplishments by the

Administration and Congress on LGBT Equality

Chapter Twelve

Phill Wilson: Aspiring Minds

Part Five


Chapter One

Brian Bond, Stampp Corbin, and Eric Stern

Chapter Two

Representatives: Baldwin, Frank, and Polis, by Ross Forman

Chapter Three

Additional National Interviews by Micki Leventhal

Kate Clinton, Mitchell Gold, Joan Nestle, Frank Oldham Jr.,

Steve Ralls, Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Judy Shepard, and Sean Strub

Chapter Four

Celebrity Quotes by Jerry Nunn

Bryan Batt, Mario Cantone, Melissa Etheridge, Judy Gold,

Kathy Griffin, Patti LaBelle, Dan Savage, Wanda Sykes,

and Rufus Wainwright

Chapter Five

Current and Former Chicagoans

Michael Bauer

Lora Branch

Phil Burgess

Tom Chaderjian

Jamie Citron

Terry Cosgrove

Laura Cuzzillo

Justin DeJong

J. Cunyon Gordon

Vernita Gray

Kim Hunt

Mark Ishaug

Sherri Jackson

Art Johnston

Jackie Kaplan

Gail Morse and Lauren Verdich

Mary Morten

David Munar

John Myers

Phil Palmer

Jim Pickett

Laura Ricketts

Jane Saks

Debra Shore

Max Smith

Kevin Thompson

Tom Tunney

Ronald Wadley

Darrell Windle

Israel Wright Jr.


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