Obama and the Gays Press: (40) Articles

Windy City Times   2012-01-24
ALA's Over the Rainbow Project recommends 74 LGBT books, Obama and the Gays included

ALA GLBT Round Table text version of review   2011-06-16
Obama and the Gays book review

American Library Association GLBT Round Table   2011-06-15
Review of Obama and the Gays book

Examiner   2011-05-05
Obama and the gays book review

Examiner   2011-02-17
Interview with Tracy Baim

Firedoglake.com   2011-01-23
Tracy Baim interview with Firedoglake.com

Rod 2.0   2010-12-21
Obama and the Gays review

Daily Kos.com   2010-12-19
Daily Kos: State of the Nation by John Presta

Examiner.com   2010-12-19
Obama and the gays review by John Presta

Word Press by Amos Lassen   2010-12-19
Obama and the Gays: A Virtual Encyclopedia

glbtq.com online encyclopedia of GLBTQ culture   2010-12-01
Obama and the Gays review by Claude J. Summers

LGBTPOV.com   2010-11-24
Karen Ocamb's participation in Obama book

Expression   2010-11-16
Obama and the Gays Review

Amazon.com   2010-11-12
Amos Lassen Review

Red Eye   2010-11-11
Obama and the Gays interview

The Seattle Lesbian   2010-11-11
Tracy Baim: Obama and the Gays

Lake Enterprise by Deborah Lake   2010-11-06
Interview with Tracy Baim on Blog Talk Radio

Georgia Voice   2010-10-29
Are LGBT Voters Over Obama?

Examiner   2010-10-28
Obama and the Gays review

OUTTAKE VOICES Radio   2010-10-27
OUTTAKES VOICES Interview with Tracy Baim

Out Front   2010-10-26
Interview with Tracy Baim

Huffington Post   2010-10-24
Alan Cumming: Obama Has Done 'Diddly Squat' For Gay Rights

Associated Press / Yahoo News   2010-10-24
Gay voters angry at Democrats could sway election

MSNBC   2010-10-24
MSNBC on Gay Voters vs. Obama

Lez get Real   2010-10-18
New Book Aims to Understand Obama and LGBT Rights

Erie Gay News   2010-09-29
Win Obama and the Gays

10,000 Couples Web Site   2010-09-29
Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage

Same Sex Sunday   2010-09-26
Radio Interview

Truth Wins Out   2010-09-24
New Book: Obama and The Gays

Chicagoist   2010-09-24
Hot Off The Press

Tuscon Citizen   2010-09-23
Obama and the Gays - Rainbow Ramblings

Pam's House Blend   2010-09-22
It's my first book! Sort of.

Broadway World   2010-09-22
Tracy Baim Holds Signing for 'Obama and the Gays,' 10/20 & 10/27

Chicago Pride   2010-09-22
interview :: Tracy Baim

The Advocate   2010-09-20
New Book: Obama and the Gays

Politico   2010-09-20
When Obama backed off same-sex marriage

Windy City Times   2010-09-20
Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage, new book now available

Echelon Magazine   2010-09-20
Obama and the Gays: A Political Marriage

Queer Me Up   2010-09-20
Homo Must Read

Cherry Grrl   2010-09-20
Obama and the Gays

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